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Considering your next trip to Africa will be one of the best decisions you’ll make in your life. This continent is vast, with diverse cultures, amazing wildlife and dramatic scenery. You will be awestruck as you witness the wonders of nature unfold around you.

We at Africabound Adventures know the stresses of the daily grind of life; career/job challenges, household chores, grocery shopping, bills & managing finances, family matters and relationships, all take a toll on our wellbeing. If you feel this description fits your busy profile, then escaping to Africa will revive your body and enrich your mind! Be prepared to leave your cares behind and escape living by the clock for 10 -14 days of your entire year to recharge your batteries and have the constant arranging of modern day life take a back seat. You deserve a break.
All you need do is let us plan your trip, you pack your bags, fly and relax by residing in some of the best lodges and camps whilst enjoying great customer service and organic mouth-watering cuisine. It’s time to give yourself a break and get some sun on your back, experience wildlife as nature intended and enjoy the spectacular views!

Safety is always a concern when on holiday. But remember, just because you’re considering a trip to Africa does not mean you take on board the view of the international media who represent all 54 African countries as a single entity comprising of wildlife, war and poverty.
All 54 countries are unique and individual with their own characteristics, each land with its own wonder and beauty.
Remember that the developed world also has safety concerns regards terrorist attacks. So as in any part of the world, no one country can claim to be 100% safe. Therefore, the advice to be given regards any new or unknown destination is to be vigilant and take certain standard security precautions, such as keeping an eye on your wallets, purses, passports and cameras when in crowded areas.

Africa will offer you some of the most amazing travel experiences in the world.
Peace, adventure, enrichment and relaxation is what an African safari will offer you, providing an unmatched variety of unique and transformative travel experiences.
Featured below are our country specific highlights which will entice you to visit this vibrant continent at least once in your lifetime.

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is comparable to the size of France. The Kalahari Desert covers 84% of Botswana and
the Central Kalahari Game Reserve is the largest game reserve in the world (at 52,800 km 2). Botswana is famed for its Okavango Delta – streaming with wildlife and luxury camp options.

Kenya is the home of safaris and is known for the annual mass migration of wildebeests in the Maasai Mara. The snow-capped peak of Mount Kenya (5,199m) is the country’s highest point, making it the second highest mountain in Africa.

is in east Africa, bordered by Tanzania, Zambia and Mozambique. Lake Malawi is one of the cleanest fresh water lakes in the world and is safe for water-sports and swimming. Of incredible natural beauty are the forest reserves and uplands, offering activities such as climbing, trekking and bird-watching.

is famous for its dunes and abstract wilderness and is nearly four times the size of the UK. The Namib Desert has the world’s highest sand dunes at Sossusvlei, making Namibian safaris in the Namib a firm favourite as travellers love the golden and magical sand dunes.

South Africa is the southernmost tip of Africa and is roughly the size of France and Spain combined.
Of the nine provinces, the Western Cape is a popular tourist destination with attractions such as the Table Mountain National Park and Cape Peninsula, as well as vineyards to enjoy wine tasting.

Tanzania covers 937,062 km 2 making it the largest country in Eastern Africa. Tanzania is characterised by vast, wide-open plains, and is famous for Mount Kilimanjaro, the Ngorongoro crater and the Serengeti. ‘The Northern Circuit’ is the most popular game viewing area.

Uganda is a must-see for gorilla trekking. It’s abundant with wildlife treasures including tracking mountain gorillas, trailing a troupe of chimpanzees and spotting the Big Five; rhinoceros, elephant, buffalo, lion, and leopard.

Zambia is nearly half the size of Europe and landlocked in south-central Africa. With a total of 19 National Parks, a safari in Zambia is known for its pristine wilderness. It’s great for walking safaris and adventure activities by the Victoria Falls; which is one of the seven natural wonders of the world.

is an attractive holiday destination and borders Zambia. The country is an exclusive safari experience with small camps and lodges, little traffic, and amazing game viewing. It’s incredibly hospitable and welcoming, with some of the friendliest people you are likely to meet.

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