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For those seeking adventure, relaxation and excitement, both East and Southern Africa are brimming with a wide range of exciting opportunities to embark on! We have highlighted some, but not all of the activities on offer whilst on safari with our featured destinations. Do remember that there is an extensive and varied range of activities on offer, so do ask us about what you would particularly like to do when on holiday, and we will gladly enquire for you as there are numerous activities available. Choose your options and let Africabound Adventures combine your selected activities in your itinerary and be prepared to enjoy your once-in-a-lifetime dream safari!

  • White Water Rafting & Abseiling

    Boost your adrenaline levels by abseiling down the Batoka Gorge in Zambia. The rapids of the Zambezi, below the Victoria Falls, offer some of the finest and most exciting rafting waters in the world. The best months are between August and November, when the rapids are at their best. However, both high water and low water rafting are available at other times of the year. Trips start at the Boiling Pot, just below the Falls, and then wind through the spectacular gorges with as many as 21 major rapids.

  • Gorge Swinging & Bungee Jumping

    Throw yourself off the edge of the gorge in a body harness, for a free fall of 50 metres and end with numerous pendulum swings before being lowered to the ground. Not for the fainthearted, the Victoria Falls offers some of the highest and most spectacular bungee jumps on the planet.

  • Quad Biking

    This is a popular adrenaline activity available in South Africa, Zambia, and the region. Hourly, half day or full day rides can be arranged.

  • Micro-lighting & Helicopter Flights

    Enjoy the fantastic views of the Victoria Falls and the surrounding wilderness from a micro-light aircraft. Enjoy the stunning views of the Falls, the Zambezi River, the Batoka Gorge and the Mosi-Oa-Tunya Game Park from the comfort of a modern helicopter.

  • Desert Safari

    Fly over some of the world’s highest sand dunes at Sossusvlei in the Namib Desert while admiring the contours of the dunes. Or you can embark on a guided or self-drive route through Namibia, whilst experiencing the vast and spectacular landscape.

  • Hot-Air Balloon

    Enjoy a thrilling hot-air balloon flight over the plains, soaring gently above wildebeest, elephants and giraffes in Kenya’s Maasai Mara or Tanzania’s Serengeti. Finish this amazing experience with a champagne breakfast.

  • Jet Boating

    Thrilling jet-boat rides through the rapids and gorges of the Zambezi River and the Batoka Gorge in Zambia.

  • Mountain Trek

    Set yourself a challenge and climb the snow-capped peaks of Mount Kenya or a trek up Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.

  • Beaches

    Unwind and relax, enjoying lazy days on scenic white sandy beaches in Zanzibar, Mombasa, Cape Town and by Lake Malawi. Explore Cape Town’s beautiful beaches and exciting restaurants framed by Table Mountain. You can also enjoy various water activities including swimming and snorkelling.

  • Boating and Water Sports

    Enjoy boating and water sports in Zambia, Botswana, Malawi and South Africa, to name a few destinations. The lakes and sea are great opportunities for boating, sailing, and other water sports including water-skiing and wind-surfing.

  • Fishing

    If your passion is fishing, Africa will not fail to delight. Fishing can be enjoyed throughout the year at most of our featured destinations, but the best time is usually between April and November.

  • Cultural Safaris

    The varying traditions in Africa provide a rich cultural tapestry to fascinate you. Africa’s cultural make-up of tribal nations is very diverse and colourful. A number of ceremonies take place throughout the year which reflects this continent’s multi-faceted heritage. Africa’s southern and eastern peoples are sure to enthral you with their culture and warm friendliness. Cultural tours visiting local villages and communities can be arranged at all our destinations.

  • Horseback Trails and Safaris

    Horseback trails are available at some lodges and game ranches. These are led by experienced rider/guides and are a great way of offering prolific bird and game watching opportunities.

  • Walking Safaris

    Zambia is the pioneer of the walking safari in the South Luangwa. This is the best way of getting really close to nature. Escorted by experienced guides, walkers are able to see, feel and hear the wildlife surroundings in the bush. Walking safaris are offered at most of our featured destinations.

  • Game Drives

    These are operated in open vehicles, usually at dawn and dusk. They are accompanied by rangers and trackers who possess a sixth sense of where to seek out the most interesting wildlife. Book your seats for the greatest wildlife spectacle on earth! In Tanzania, the Serengeti is teeming with wildlife and you can view over a million wildebeest migrate across the plains in Kenya, and spot lions and elephants on a game drive in the world-renowned Kruger National Park in South Africa.

  • Canoe and Boat Safaris

    A great alternative to land-based safaris, and no real boating skills are required for canoes. Cruise along the Zambezi River or the Okavango Delta and other waterways, which provide excellent views of wildlife such as buffalo and elephant as they come down to drink at the water’s edge.

  • River Cruises

    Enjoy breakfast, mid-morning, lunch, sunset and dinner cruises, with sumptuous meals and a full bar along the lakes and rivers of Southern and East Africa’s waters.

  • Bird Watching

    Africa is a paradise for bird watching! Southern and east Africa offers the finest bird watching opportunities in the region. Lochnivar National Park in Zambia shelters 428 species in its comparatively small 410sq km and its claim to hold the world record for the diversity of types has not been challenged. The Serengeti also boasts almost 500 different bird species, including; storks, flamingos, vultures, fish eagles, martial and ostriches. All the other National Parks are rich in birdlife.

  • Flower Lovers

    Due to the region’s fertile soil and all-year temperate climates, the southern part of Africa is sure to delight flora enthusiasts. Bougainvillaea, hibiscus, jacaranda and eucalyptus abound, attracting a host of multi-coloured butterflies.

  • Wine Tours

    Tour the winelands on the Western Cape and you can stop to sample some of the finest wines that South Africa has to offer. The world-famous vineyard such as the Stellenbosch is one not to miss. You can take a self-drive through the Garden Route to enjoy the spectacular scenery, and visits to golf courses can be arranged from select resorts that offer this facility.

  • Spas

    Some of our featured camps and lodges offer their own in-house spa treatments. Ask us for details when selecting your accommodation if you would be interested in spa relaxation.

  • Photography

    Remember, every activity brings with it a photo opportunity, so don’t forget to pack your camera and equipment to capture your special moments on safari! You will be spoilt for choice by arranging your safari holiday with us!

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