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Winters are cold and dry between May and August, which is the best time for game viewing.

August – mid-November is hot and dry.

October and early November is hot in both the Luangwa and Zambezi valleys, with temperatures reaching mid-40˚C.

Mid-November to end of April is the hot to warm wet season. At the Victoria Falls, it is warm and wet from December to April.

May to August is cool and dry.

September to November is hot and dry.
May to November is the best time for a safari.


October to April sees hot summers with afternoon rains.

Between May and September the weather is dry and cooler. The best time for game viewing is from May to October.


The Rift Valley has the most agreeable weather.

In the arid bush lands and semi-desert regions, the daytime temperatures range from highs of 40˚C to lows of 20˚C.

Kenya and the eastern coastal fringe are generally hot and humid all year round.

The warmest months are December to March. Good game viewing is available throughout the year.


Mid October to late April is the wet season.

The dry season is from May to October.

Average daily highs are 32˚C and July is the coolest month, with daily highs of around 21˚C.

The best time to travel is from May to August.


From November to April, Namibia sees hot summers with minimal rain.

May to October brings cooler, pleasant and dry winters.

Game viewing is available throughout the year.


October to April brings warm sunny summers, with temperatures rising in the north.

Winter rainfall only occurs in the Cape Province from June to August.

The best time to travel in the northern regions is from May to September.

The best time to travel in the southern regions (Cape Town) is from December to March.


The Coast is tropical with hot and humid areas and the rainy season is from April to May.

Inland, the rains are heavy in March, April and May.

The central plateau is dry and hot and there is low rainfall in November and December.

The best game viewing is from June until October.


  • Cold/Mild Weather
  • Warm Weather
  • Hot Weather
  • Wet

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