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To contact us about your safari requests, please complete the form to the right.

Please make your selection from the sample itineraries, or if you wish, I will discuss any amendments, additional tours and activities. I will happily discuss any destinations you have in mind and offer you different options.

Simply complete the form below with your preferred flight dates, country destination/s, accommodation type, activities and tours and I will liaise with our professional and trusted travel partners and local ground handlers in Africa to plan and book your holiday. I will then price everything up for you and clearly state what is included.

Once you have confirmed your options and our price, I will book everything for you, after you have paid your initial deposit.

You tell us what you would like and we’ll make it happen! You get your full itinerary including accommodation, meals, transfers, internal travel arrangements, choice of safari, tours, activities and any other pre-paid extras. All you have to do is pack, fly, and enjoy your safari. We’ll look forward to hearing about your wonderful experience upon your return home!


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