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Personalised Service

Over the past few years, Suasage Tree Camp in the Lower Zambezi, Zambia; has gradually built up a superb team of Guides, including vehicles, boats and canoes, so that you are “almost” guaranteed “private guiding” without you having to pay a premium for it.

There is a 95% likelihood of having your own guided activities throughout your stay at Sausage Tree Camp. However, if you do want it 100% guaranteed, we will be more than happy to arrange and accept the request at a premium and fully guarantee your private guiding.

Each and every tent/suite at Sausage Tree Camp comes with a personal Muchinda (Butler). Your Muchinda will meet you on arrival, escort you to and from your tent/suite for meals and ensure your every whim is taken care of, with a true and genuine Zambian smile!

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