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February in Botswana - Five Rivers Safari

February in Botswana…….We are often asked “which is the best time of the year to visit Botswana?” There is no simple answer to this, as this ultimately depends upon your individual interests, likes or dislikes!

To put you in the picture, ripe figs are eaten by many species including the fruit bats that make interesting night sounds while feeding.

Water Lilies reach their flowering peak and noisy reed frogs abound – the Okavango Delta is brilliant, noisy and alive! With the rainy season all plants grow actively; butterflies, birds, frogs and all the small creatures are at their most active and vibrant. As the rains continue in afternoon thunder storms, the heavens are transformed with dramatic skies and sounds!

Temperatures at this time of year range up to 40°C, but average above 30°C, with warm nights reaching (20°C plus).

You can experience both wet and very dry spells within the month of February in Botswana. …….the giant bullfrog emerges from months and sometimes years of hibernation, to indulge in nocturnal feeding frenzies.

The resident game species do not have far to go for water and the young are almost as tall as the adults…… This is the time to visit Botswana while you embark on a 5 Rivers Safari within Southern Africa which includes; South Eastern Angola, North Western Zimbabwe, Western Zambia, Namibia’s Caprivi Strip and Northern Botswana.

Four companies including Kwando Safaris, have co-operated to offer a unique collection of camps and lodges providing a combination of experiences previously out of reach for some devoted safari enthusiasts. 


Contact us to discuss an itinerary for this special safari at this time of year, which offers you great value!