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Dramatic Elephant Rescue

We just had to share this with you!  A wonderful rescue story about the stressful plight of a baby elephant trapped in the mud of the Kapani Lagoon (South Luangwa – Zambia) and her mother, who had also got stuck trying to save her baby.  Earlier this week, in a frenzy of activity, the South Luangwa Conservation Society - SLCS, together with the Zambia Wildlife Authority – ZAWA, joined forces with the team at Kapani Lodge to try and save a mum and baby elephant.

Have a look at more great photos of the unfolding drama on Facebook….

It was extremely heartening to see how many local people joined in the efforts to free these two elephants – the cheers of joy, first when the baby ran to his cousin followed by the rescue of Mum - finally released from the jaws of the sticky, cloying mud – wonderful scenes! Everyone seemed to identify with the mum’s plight having witnessed the incredible emotional bond between the worried herd members and mum and baby.

Thank you to SLCS and ZAWA including all the Norman Carr Safari staff who bravely fought to make this a happy ending!

The rescue was done all in a day’s work for the amazing Rachel McRobb and her outstanding team at The South Luangwa Conservation Society. Please go to www.slcszambia.org - it’s a fantastic site and well worth a visit. You will be amazed at what this relatively small group can achieve. Their dedication and commitment to wildlife is inspiring!


The local wildlife authority and the South Luangwa Area Management Unit of ZAWA, are extremely effective at anti-poaching activities including anti-snaring and patrolling in vulnerable areas of the National Park.  Rachel and her team are also skilled at darting snared animals, removing the snares and treating the horrific wounds they cause.

Their awareness raising activities and work with other local conservation groups are incredibly effective. Of course all this requires money, so please consider becoming a regular supporter.